12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas December 11, 2020 – Posted in: Christmas

12 days of Christmas gifts is a collection inspired by the classic song” 12 days of Christmas”. You can exchange gifts inspired by the multiple themes described in the song to your loved ones. Some you can buy, while others may be homemade. This is the most acceptable way to help others or to feel your loved ones more special. Instead of going traditional, opt for something unique by picking up inexpensive yet creative “12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas“.

You can give it to anyone; however, the receiver has to open one gift a day until the song is completed. Isn’t it exciting? Of course, it is and brings great joy to the receivers. This way, you can also show extra love and care towards the person who gets it.

People always look for unique and best gift ideas that fall under this category. To help them out, here are some fantastic ideas according to the song lines! 

Pear Theme Gifts

As the song indicates that on the first day of Christmas, “my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.” So, pick up your first gift related to pears. Do you know how to make a pear dessert? Or any meal that has pears? Well, there are many receipts that you can try to make the best gift. Here are some excellent ways to present pears to others!

  1. A beautiful and decorated basket full of fresh pears
  2. A pear perfume or candle
  3. Any pear desert
  4. Preserved pears in a jar
  5. A small pear tree

Two Turtledoves

Another reference in the song is “two turtle doves.” A peaceful and beautiful bird that all loves. We cannot find the two turtle doves to cooperate, so let’s be flexible once again. All you need to do is to stick with the dove symbol. You can utilize this theme to make a fascinating gift in the following ways!

  1. An art print of a dove in a beautiful frame
  2. A necklace with a dove symbol
  3. Dove-shaped chocolates and cookies
  4. Turtle dove decoration pieces or ornaments
  5. A yummy cake in the form of turtle doves

Three French Hens

12 days of Christmas song tells us about “Three French Hens” on the third day. To relate to this theme, you can buy any product related to France, or any dish prepared from hen (chicken). If you want not to go with any edible, there are other creative ideas too. So, let’s go through some good gift ideas for the third day!

  1. A roasted chicken
  2. Any French chicken food
  3. Hens and chicken sculptures
  4. A Christmas gift card to a local French restaurant
  5. Hens and chicks green succulents

Four Calling Birds

The fourth line of the song refers to four calling birds, so your gift must be revolved around this theme. Going with bird items or cell phone related things is good to stay relevant. Some fascinating ideas could be:

  1. Calling birds ornaments
  2. A beautiful birdhouse
  3. Bird feeder with seeds ornament
  4. Four calling bird customized shirt
  5. Figurine of four calling birds
  6. A cell phone case

Five Gold Rings

This is another significant gift exchange that you can make with your loved ones on the fifth day. Remember, you need not purchase actual gold rings as we are talking about affordable 12 days of Christmas gifts ideas. Pick up unique ideas in honor of this verse from the song. We have brought some for you here!

  1. Fresh donuts
  2. A homemade dish presented in the form of a gold ring
  3. Artificial gold-colored ornaments
  4. Gold napkin ring
  5. Ring toss outdoor game

Six Geese a lying

The sixth day is here, and the song’s sixth verse also is about six geese lying. Instead of gifting actual geese, adopt a more practical approach. Here, eggs or things related to eggs or geese can work for you. This fits the theme as well as a seasonal classic. Some fantastic ideas are as follows:

  1. A beautiful basket with six eggs
  2. Playful goose socks
  3. A goose-down pillow or comforter
  4. Any dessert made of eggs
  5. Artificial six eggs filled with little surprises
  6. Egg maker

Seven swans’ a-swimming

Swans are a symbol of peace, calmness, and tranquility. The seventh day’s gift must be inspired by the relaxation theme instead of the swan as a particular. On the other hand, if you want to be more relevant, that is also not a bad idea. There are several 12 days of Christmas gift ideas that

you can present related to the song’s seven verses.

  1. Spa gift basket
  2. Pool float in the shape of a swan
  3. A swan related ornament
  4. Sweets in the form of a swan
  5. A swan-themed book
  6. Swan soaps or lotions

Eight Maids a Milking

Despite this theme, the milk, things made of milk, or other related things will prove a good 12 days of Christmas gift ideas. You can present the following gifts on the eight-day.

  1. Ingredients for the milk bath
  2. Mugs to drink milk beverages
  3. A creamer set
  4. Milk duds
  5. Milkmaid caramels

Nine Ladies Dancing

This theme can prove more fun grabbing as it gives a call for dance. To make it more memorable and enjoyable, go with the following ideas!

  1. A dancing music playlist on CD
  2. Ticket to any live dance performance
  3. A portrait of any famous dancer
  4. Pair of dance shoes
  5. Video game, “just dance.”

Ten Lords are Leaping

On the 10th day of gifting, go with the theme of loads or leaping. Of course, they are unique yet exciting subjects. You can develop this theme into many exciting things, such as:

  1. Customized lord or religious symbol shirt 
  2. Book “Lord of the Flies”
  3. Jumping ropes
  4. Leaping popcorn
  5. Rainbow Design Christmas Vacation Shirts

From the theme of leaping, shirts are designed that present the overwhelming Christmas view. These Rainbow Design Christmas Vacation Shirts are adorable Christmas gift to show your love and charm towards your loved one and family. These Christmas shirts’ inspiring angle is the multi-color combination, admirable state of rainbow art with pure cotton fabric stuff. You will be amazed to see the ideal fitting by wearing these most awaited shirts because all flexible sizes are available. The luxury part of these stunning shirt is unisex; all age groups of men’s and women’s are equally welcome to wear this Christmas comfort. 

This impactful shirt with impressive graphics become 12 days of Christmas gift because the whole year when your loved one wear this outfit, he/she recall all the moment of happy Christmas. Why not? Let’s be a reason of joy by sending outstanding gifts to your interested one. 

   6. Merry Christmas Socks 2021 Unisex T-Shirt

The most popular Christmas gift is a shirt, and an iconic demand of 12 days Christmas song. Don’t stop your hand to give a luxury gift in the form of a Merry Christmas Socks 2021 Unisex T-Shirt.” This shirt is designed with adorable Christmas shock prints with the iconic statement. No doubt these shirts are an equally luxury gift in men’s and women’s. 

These shirts are one of the most commendable and popular gifts because it is symbolizing long term wearing. Whenever someone special wears your Christmas gift, the level of the bond becomes more vital. Don’t miss out on the chance to recreate love moments because once Christmas goes, it will again come after one year.

Eleven Pipers Pipping

The eleventh line of the song indicates the usage of pipes. Thus, you are free to pick the idea as you want to make attractive gifts. We gathered the following ideas for you:

  • An exciting figure made of colorful pipes
  • Hot cocoa mix pipping
  • DIY piping tips CD or book
  • Music bagpipe
  • Cake decorated with interesting pipe art pieces

12 Drummers Drumming

Instead of going with a big drum set, you can pick some fantastic ideas to follow the last line of the song 12 days of Christmas. To make the last day full of fun, the following can prove the 12 days of Christmas’s best gifts.

  1. Beats headphones
  2. A fascinating drum ornament
  3. Tickets to any live drum band performance
  4. Any musical instrument